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CA Construction is committed is to conducting all business practices in a fair and ethical manner, and to providing clients with the finest craftsmanship while completing each project in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Thank you for choosing CA Construction as your personal contractor. We are excited to be working with you and want to convey that our goal is to manage your project with planning, preparation, and craftsmanship as priorities.

Our company was founded on the premise that we would uphold an uncompromising commitment to delivering quality and service with integrity. To accomplish this, we work closely with our customers to care for them in a manner that best suits their unique needs. We then focus our technical skills on building quality projects in a timely and cost effective manner. The reality is that any construction project, large or small, is a complex undertaking that requires many skill sets; therefore, we dedicate a handpicked team of professionals with the exact skill sets needed for specific projects. Our team approach helps ensure quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness that enables us to deliver real and tangible value to our customers.

My personal commitment to our customers is to guarantee they are all treated with a consistent, high level of care, and to ensure that our passion for quality remains as strong as when we first opened for business. We want you to be satisfied with our service and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. We know that you could have selected any contractor, and we honor your choice of CA Construction by never forgetting it is our privilege to have the opportunity to serve your needs.


Chuck Avila
President and CEO, CA Construction


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