CA Construction is an award winning contractor that has been serving Southern California since 1990.  Our team of professionals has delivered quality craftsmanship and professional construction management services to thousands of public and private clients for commercial and residential projects involving comprehensive renovations, new construction, and restoration.

The commercial division provides comprehensive design and construction management services to public and private clients. We are skilled in managing projects from conceptual planning through design, estimating, and construction.

The residential team provides comprehensive design and construction services for customers looking to renovate, add-on, or build new. We are skilled in managing projects from feasibility and conceptual planning to design, estimating, and construction.

The restoration division provides emergency and restoration services to customers that have suffered a total or partial loss to residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

What People Are Saying About CA Construction

I had the opportunity to use CA Construction recently to do repairs to my house due to water damage. The repairs included wall repairs; complete kitchen remodel; new laminate flooring; tile; baseboards and painting with cost approximately $30,000. They did a fantastic job. As a professional engineer and project manager for over thirty years, I can say without hesitation that their Project Manager Mr Darreld Van Westrienen was a consummate professional who completed the work within scope; cost and schedule. He kept me in constant communication of the work progress and managed all change orders in such an efficient manner so as to eliminate scope creep. He ensured that the work was clean of all debris at the end of the job and was always pleasant throughout the job. He is a great ambassador for CA Construction and I wish him and CA Construction well on other jobs. I also want to mention their great office support in Lisa Quintana. As a seasoned professional who managed major construction projects exceeding $150M for public agencies I will highly recommend CA Construction to others. (Link to Review)

Harry PersaudYelp Review

 I don’t normally do this, but when you have an experience like the one I had with CA Construction it really makes you want to shout about it from the mountaintops. Maybe this will be as effective. I recently had my roof catch fire. The damage was very bad. From the basement to the roof I was dealing with flooded areas, electrical damage, and the fire had scorched everything from the ceiling to the roof. I never thought It was going to be possible to repair the damage or that I could afford it. After having several companies assess the damages I remembered overhearing a friend being told about the good work they had done by CA Construction. Once I made that phone call it’s was like everything fell into place. It was such a painless experience once I had started the process. They helped me get with my insurance agent and worked out the numbers and devised a game plan. To make a long story short the shop looks twice as good as it did before the fire and they did it in less than 3 months. Every time that I made a surprise pop in visit there was about 3-5 workers doing something productive and giving me progress reports. If you ever have a fire call CA Construction first, don’t bother wasting your time with those other companies (Link to Review)

Ryan CollGoogle Review

So grateful to CA Construction! Recently our local bar suffered major fire damage, and was forced into temporary closure. Luckily, the owners chose a very professional and friendly company to repair the damage. They’ve allowed myself as well as other locals missing our favorite spot, to drop by and support the owners during this trial when appropriate. According to the owners, they’ve been extremely helpful in dealing with insurance, and informative about the remodeling process. Looking forward to seeing our favorite bar not just fixed, but better than ever! If my house caught on fire, I’d call CA construction first. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication!!! (Link to Review)

Alexander RollettGoogle Review

I had the pleasure of working with Davis when my house flooded. He was very helpful, friendly, and professional with the whole process. He let me know how long the process would take right from the beginning and kept in touch with me. It’s reassuring to know there are qualified employees in this type of industry. (Link to Review)

Mandy B.Yelp Review

I got a chance to meet aaron and his team while they were doing work at dukes and let me just say john and gloria made an excellent choice! CA construction employees are working with a sense of urgency, they know how much it means to get this place opened up asap. Thank you CA construction for taking care of our Dukes family. (Link to Review)

Enrique GuillenGoogle Review

My house flooded and I contacted CA Construction. Not knowing what to expect since this was the first time I’ve had this happen, I was contacted by Davis. He was very professional and informative of what the process would entail. He was able to answer all my questions and put me at ease that I was in good hands. He assured me that his guys would do a great job. He was right! I was very happy with the end results. Davis was very knowledgeable and would even check in with me to make sure everything was going ok and kept me up to date as to what would be happening. Davis is an outstanding asset to your company. Thank you for having such an experienced employee who does his job amazingly! (Link to Review)

Kristin H.Yelp Review