Photo of an Orange Terrace Development residential property

Orange Terrace Development

This project featured a complete master plan and design/build of a small residential development community. CA Construction managed every aspect of this project from property acquisition and subdivision to grading, underground utilities and construction.

This project was unique and presented a difficult challenge in the very beginning. One of the developers that had previously built homes in the surrounding area had illegally buried tons of rocks in a ravine where this project was developed. As part of this project CA Construction had to conduct an over excavation and compaction of the entire property prior to starting the structural and infrastructure phases of construction. The over excavation included the removal of extremely large boulders, some the size of small cars, crushing them and transporting the remains. Then CA Construction imported soil, finished the over excavation, and conducted the compaction under the direction of the soils engineer.

The homes are all energy efficient smart homes featuring high-end mill work, custom cabinets, granite counters, tile roofs and rock veneers.

Photo of an Orange Terrace Development residential property

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